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What is holding you back?

Do you ever have the feeling of being stuck? Stuck in a rut mentally or physically or emotionally? I have been a medical sales representative for over a decade. I love what I do and I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else. It’s okay to love your career but still want more for yourself. That's an idea I've only recently understood. For me, I felt like I have been in a rut mentally for a while. I find my career exciting and every day is different and I’m always learning BUT I don’t find that I get to be overly creative in the field that I am in. I’ve missed that creative aspect of my life and that is what lead me to this medium. Blogging.

At first I was very hesitant to start writing again. As I’ve mentioned I used to write a lot as a child, I loved writing essays in high school and even more so in University. As my husband says I was a total nerd. I was that student that would plan out the semester and have my essays done weeks in advance. Yup, I was a total keener.

It’s interesting now to reflect back on that time. Why did it take me 36 years to realize that maybe my true passion was writing? I’m just seeing it now more clearly, I have always loved to write, why did I stop?

Why did I stop writing?

When I examine that question I can sum it up in two simple words, life happened! I got busy with living my life, travelling the world, having amazing experiences, marrying my best friend, having our beautiful daughter and chasing down my career. I worked my ass off to land a sales role with my previous company and I did everything I could to be successful there. Now being in my current role for eight years with several sales awards to my name, I feel like I am in a good place with my career. This has allowed me to reassess what are my interests outside of my career? What are my interests outside of being a wife and a mother?

So here I am writing again. Is it scary? Yes. Do I feel like some of my blog posts absolutely suck? Also Yes. Am I doing it anyways? YES!

So my question to you is simple. If you have been holding on to a dream or an idea and haven’t acted on it, why? What is stopping you from going after it? I encourage you to examine the question closely. Make it a priority, set aside the time and chip away at it day by day. I’ll be right here cheering you on!

Writing out this very blog post. Also...truth be told I didn't want to pay $2.99 for a Wix stock image. Enjoy ;)

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