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What is Ella Beth Co.?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

What is Ella Beth Co.? A dream. That’s the simplest way to describe it. I have always dreamed of being a writer, maybe publishing a book one day. I can recall writing countless short stories as a child. Thankfully my Mom even kept a few of the hundreds of stories I would hand her to proofread. I wrote about what I knew, my pets, my family, my friends. I wrote fairy tales and often I was the hero of my own story. I find that very interesting now as an adult. No one was coming to save me, I was often the gallant night riding in on horseback to save the day. Growing up on a farm and in fact being a pretty good horseback rider might have lead me down that narrative.

I have been searching for purpose and for meaning my entire life. Why am I here? What more could I be doing with my life? My favourite topic most days is what I like to call, “my new plan”. If you are my husband, a close friend or one of my family members reading this, you’ll likely think, “that’s 100% her! Courtney and her new plans!” One plan was to go back to school and get my Masters, another was to open a bed and breakfast, and yet another was to start my own yoga studio. All of these plans are really ideas, dreams, and a possible direction for my next move in life.

I am currently a medical sales representative and to be honest I absolutely love my job! The fact that I love my job doesn’t mean I can’t imagine other life paths or that I can't keep dreaming. I love to dream about what is now so commonly called the “side hustle”. I have taken marketing courses, social media courses, and photography courses. I am a certified yoga teacher and a level one Reiki practitioner. I love to learn new things, take courses, and listen to podcasts. I am a self-help junkie!

Ella Beth Co. is a dream that I am finally acting on. Dusting off my old writing skills and putting them to use.

I have to give credit where credit is due. While brainstorming with my husband Chauncey on a name for this new dream, he came up with Ella Beth Co. Ella is one of my daughter Mckenna’s middle names and Beth is short for my middle name Elizabeth. What about the company part? Well if I dream big enough maybe one day this will be a full-fledged company.

The birth of my daughter made me realize I can honestly do anything I put my mind to and as my daughter is watching me so closely, I need to take some action on these dreams I have. I want her to look up to me and see that I worked hard to better myself and I never gave up on my dreams.

So here goes, I’m being the hero of my own story. I’m galloping off on my white horse and staring down my dreams. I hope you’ll join me.

Photo Credit: Sandra Hill Photography

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