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Top 3 Kids Sunscreens

When I first had Mckenna I basically researched every single product that I planned to buy and use on her. It was a bit obsessive really, but I am sure a lot of first time mothers can relate! I wanted to try to find sunscreens with the least amount of chemicals, that would still provide good sun protection for her. I started my search by looking on Amazon and Well and checked the reviews. I also used the EWG Skin Deep website. If you haven't heard of this site, it's a great resource for all skin care products. It helps you see the toxicity of products that you use on yourself and your family. The site is easy to navigate and it shows you on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most toxic) where the products fall with regards to their toxic elements. It also shares clinical data if there is any available on that particular product. After doing my research these are the top 3 sunscreens we use on Mckenna.


This is the sunscreen that was recommended to me most often by my friends and local moms in my various group classes. I will say this is the sunscreen we still use the most often. It is SPF 50 and spreads easily and most importantly Mckenna has never had any reaction to it. I also really like the tinted face version they have and I use that on my face all the time. On the EWG Skin Deep scale it ranks as a 2 for toxicity. You can find this sunscreen on Amazon here or on Well here and the tinted version I found on Amazon here.

Green Beaver

The was one of the first sunscreen lotions I picked up. I liked it but I felt that it didn't' spread as easily as the Thinkbaby. I found it at my local wellness store but you can also find it on Amazon here. Unfortunately this one has not been reviewed on the EWG site yet, so I'm not sure of the toxicity of it.

Alba Botanica

This one was recommended to me by a girlfriend. She said that a lot of schools and daycare centres prefer a spray option and this was the best one she had found. It seems to be out of stock often and the only place I was able to get it was on Well here (currently showing out of stock). The reality is spray sunscreen is much easier to apply, so I definitely recommend this one for that reason alone. On the EWG site I couldn't find this exact product but most of the Alba Botanica sunscreens ranked as a 3 or 4 on the scale.

If you have other sunscreens that you use, please do share them with me! I love finding new and safe products to use.

The least toxic spray sunscreen.

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