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The 2 Year Search for a Baby Monitor

When we first purchased our baby monitor nearly two years ago, I did what every new Mom does. I researched and researched and researched some more. I reached out to my friends who were Mom’s to see what they were using. In reality at the time all the options seemed pretty crappy and very expensive. I wasn’t impressed with any of the image quality and overall no one had any raving reviews on the monitors they were using. It was more “it’s okay I guess.” We ended up trying and returning 3 monitors. One of them actually made an audible clicking noise in her room that was actually waking her up. I mean hello inventors, what were you thinking?! We landed on a monitor and like all my Mom friends had said before me, it was just okay.

We have been using a Levana model that has actually been discontinued so I'm not able to link it. It was just under $200 at the time which was actually a fairly good price. Most people I knew were spending closer to $300 or $400. I kept thinking, how has no one come up with a great baby monitor?! The images on an IPhone were so much nicer, yet baby monitors looked like they were from 1985. This monitor did the job and I did like that it had a handheld device so that if our Wi-Fi went out or our phones died, we could still see Mckenna.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Chauncey saw a friend on Instagram’s baby monitor image and it looked about fifty times better and clearer than ours! He saw that it was a Wyze baby monitor and he began his own research on it. They have a few options of home cameras and you can check out their direct website here. He ended up ordering ours on Amazon here. First of all I couldn’t believe the price, $39 Canadian! It seems the price may have gone up slightly, so check out a few sites to find the best deal. We ended up getting two, one for her room and one for her play area downstairs.

The Pros:

1) The image quality is by far the best I have seen. We can actually see her breathing on camera when we zoom in. This would have been so helpful in the early days when she was small and I woke up every 10 minutes to stare at the crappy monitor image to see if she was breathing...yet I could barely even see her!

2) The app itself is easy to use and navigate and so far (knock on wood) we haven’t had any issues with it crashing in the last few weeks we have been using it.

3) The options to take photos and video record. We take videos of her when she wakes up and starts singing, it’s the cutest thing.

4) The fact that I can see her when I'm not home. I can check in to see how she's sleeping when I'm out of the house...which will come in handy when we can actually leave our houses again.

5) The price! It’s so inexpensive in comparison to other inferior monitors.

The Cons:

1) For me the only con really is not having a handheld option. I just worry if the Wi-Fi goes out or if I forget to charge my phone I won’t have access to seeing her. It’s a minor thing and it actually hasn’t been an issue so far.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m not that cool...yet! I just wanted to share this information, as I searched forever for a good monitor so if this helps any Moms or Dads out there I’ll be happy! I have some images below comparing our monitors. Any specific questions please let me know...and I'll ask Chauncey (he's the tech guy).

Our clear Wyze Cam. This is not even a zoomed in image.

This is the image quality we lived with for 2 years! Levana model.

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