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Tarot Card Reading: The art of listening to your inner voice.

Instagram can be a very positive or negative space; I think like most things in life it comes down to your perspective. Since starting Ella Beth Co. and launching my Instagram account I have been connected to some pretty amazing people. I choose to look at it as an app to connect you to like minded, inspiring or motivating people. I think it’s important to choose the accounts you follow wisely.

I started following an account called The Birds Papaya more than three years ago. Sarah is a body positive badass and I love her view on life. This year she happened to share an account that she was following called Bosstofe. The reason she shared the account was how funny Brittany was with her “Trolling Tuesday” series, where she makes fun of Instagram trolls. You know the ones who drop into your DM’s to judge you? She’s a local Mom (Kitchener/Cambridge, Ontario) who has a baby close in age to Mckenna, she’s hilarious and so real, long story short I love her account. A few weeks ago she was at an event and posted a story about a tarot card reading she had with Tarot Lori. I started following Lori and saw that she was having a tarot card 101 workshop.

Can you see how Instagram can actually be an amazing and connecting space if you follow the right accounts? They can lead you in a pretty cool direction.

I purchased tarot cards a few years ago but to be honest I didn’t do much with them. When I saw the workshop I thought it would be a fun way to learn about tarot and how to do readings for myself and friends and family. I truly love learning new things and this was an area I hadn't really explored before.

I drove to Oakville last Sunday not really knowing what to expect and it turned out to be such a great day! There were several other people there, similar to myself they were interested in learning about tarot and how they could use it in their life. It was a great group of people and being an extrovert I loved meeting them all and hearing their stories.

Lori started off by saying that she considers herself and her business of tarot reading “woo woo without the cuckoo”, which basically means she believes that the answers we seek are already within ourselves and she is simply using tarot to help us access them. She isn’t going to tell you what to do, like quit your job or leave your husband. It is not fourteen telling, but more allowing you to look inside yourself for the answers you seek. I highly recommend you check out her website and see what she’s’ all about.

I think there is a lot of negatively around tarot card reading. This was one of the reasons I wanted to learn about it from a true expert in the field. The cards that we worked with were not negative, even the dreaded Death card is not actually about death. It's not your death or the death of anyone in your life. What the card represents is transformational change. The card itself shows the sunshine off in the distance, signifying positive and necessary change and you are walking towards the sunlight.

We spent the day learning about the history of tarot and the story behind each individual card. There are 78 cards in the deck so as you can imagine this did take the majority of the day. Lori also gave each of us our own reading, which in and of itself was a very cool experience. My reading was spot on with what is going on in my life at the moment and it was fun to see that the cards were in alignment with the direction I’m headed in.

Towards the end of the day we were practicing our tarot reading skills on each other which was exciting! I am also a level one Reiki practitioner so I truly believe in energy and energy exchanges. Do you ever feel that other people can be uplifting when you are around them or the opposite some can be draining? That’s energy exchange. So I felt that this part of the day was the best,as it allowed us to connect to each other in that similar way, exchanging energy.

Overall I truly loved this workshop! I would highly recommend checking it out if you are local and if you are interested in learning more about tarot, where it originated, what the cards mean and how to give a reading for yourself or others. I loved Lori’s approach in that she wasn’t trying to tell you what to do, she was allowing us to tap into our own inner voice.

Have you ever had a tarot card reading? Any questions about tarot? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

My reading from Lori.

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