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Take Me Home Country Roads

I took a little hiatus from writing my weekly blog and now I am here to explain why. To put it simply, we were just insanely busy this past month and the reason is....drum roll please....we bought a farm!

We have been looking for a country property for over 2 years now. There is a bit of backstory in that we have bought and sold 3 houses in the last 5 years all with the end goal in mind, buying a farm. Flipping a few houses gave us the ability to be able to afford a country property. The area of Ontario that we live in is expensive! There was no way we would have been able to make this move without making smart and strategic real estate decisions along the way. Maybe that part of the story is for another blog post?

So we are farmers! Well in reality it is more of a hobby farm. We have a barn and 2 paddocks and we plan to fill them with as many animals as we can fit. That is my plan, but Chauncey said there will be a limit! We will be moving my horse Stanley here in the spring and hopefully we'll get Mckenna a pony....maybe a goat, some chickens and a pot belly pig to round out our crew.

We have been living here for a couple weeks and it still feels like it's not real. I grew up on a farm and I have dreamed of having my own farm for as long as I can remember. Truthfully I'm shocked we got here so quickly, but I'm grateful everyday that we made it here.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. If you aren't following the real estate market, I'll fill you in - it's an insanely hot market with country houses being in extreme high demand! There seems to be a mass exodus from Toronto and everyone is leaving the city due to the changes in the world from the pandemic. People are craving country living and now working from home they are able to make that a reality. Our realtor said the majority of her country properties have 5-10 offers on them within hours of hitting the market. These are no condition, sight unseen with CASH offers from buyers in Toronto. In mid September we viewed this property on the first day it was listed and there were 18 showings lined up in those first couple days. We didn't think we had a chance! Our realtor talked us through the process and we made an offer with a hope and a prayer (and some strategic thinking from our realtor who we love and trust!). I knew in my heart as soon as we made the offer we had it....even though it seemed so unrealistic we would get it...I just had a feeling. And I was right! The stars aligned and my prayers were answered.

I will be sharing more of our new farm in the months to come. For now I'll leave you with a few photos and the truth I have learned in my short time here on earth. The truth is, anything is possible. It's as simple as that. If you believe it, work for it and trust the process, your dreams can come true.

Our new farm!

Guest house with barn attached at the back.

Our fish pond, one day to be converted to a pool.

One of our two horse paddocks.

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