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Five Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I’m going to start out by saying that Chauncey and I don't really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Similar to New Year’s Eve, for us it feels like a lot of hype. We usually just get each other a card with a thoughtful note and we enjoy a nice dinner at home together. Now that we have Mckenna we make it more about her. Chauncey got her (and I) a dozen roses last year and she loved that! I think in the years to come we will celebrate her more on Valentine’s Day than each other. It’s not that we don’t like to celebrate our love, but we just feel that we don’t need a holiday to do it. We try to celebrate throughout the year with date nights and vacations together. With all that said, if you and your partner really enjoy this holiday, I think that's great! I mean who doesn’t love love?! I have a list of gift ideas below that I hope will help you if you are stuck and scrambling to find something for your partner.

Violet & Ash Candles

I found this company randomly through Instagram. I followed a few people that were local and had purchased her candles and I loved the look of them. I researched the company a bit more and the owner Jailena started the company on her maternity leave and it has taken off over the last few months. I love supporting local shops and she is just located in Cambridge, Ontario so less than a half hour from where I live. You can order online and get delivery to your door or there is local pick up at a few stores in Cambridge. We have become Instagram friends and she is such a sweet person who I have really enjoyed getting to know. Her candles honestly smell amazing and the design is simple and beautiful. She also has a jar recycling program that you can get discounts on future purchases. I have been loving her seasonal scents. Check her out on her Instagram and order through her site here.


I like flowers but I really love plants! Flowers look beautiful for such a short time but plants last forever…if you take care of them that is! I have an Aloe Vera plant from a dear friend of mine for over 8 years now. It was a house warming gift….5 houses ago and it’s still going strong! There are some amazing local plant stores in this area. One I recommend is Blooms and Flora in Guelph, On. They have a gorgeous store with stunning plants and flowers of course. They also have a pre-order option on their website so definitely look into that if you are local.


As both Chauncey are huge book lovers, I couldn't write this list without including books! A nice idea for a gift that keeps on giving would be a subscription to audible. If your partner doesn't have the time to sit down with a book, audible is a great option! Chauncey listened to so many books last year, and it was a much better option for him than getting a physical book in his hands. If you aren't sure what book might interest your partner, I suggest looking at the most popular books on Amazon or Chapters (for my Canadian friends). Read the reviews and go from there!


You can't go wrong with wine right? Unless your partner doesn't drink, than skip this suggestion! I have a few suggestions of wines that I love. If you are in Ontario, go to your local LCBO and speak with their Vintages advocate as they will be the best person to help describe the wine flavors and what you might like. I know in the US the wine stores are huge and have so much selection. I have had great luck speaking to the owners of those stores and getting their suggestions. I love red wine and specifically California Cabernet Sauvignon. My favourites are McManis, J. Lohr and Dreaming Tree Crush.

A Love Letter

This gift is free but honestly it's my most favourite gift to receive. Listing the reasons you love your partner and the amazing qualities you treasure about them. I promise you that this gift will be one that they appreciate, it's personal, unique and it will make them feel truly loved.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are surrounded by love.

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