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Five Apps to Help During Quarantine

It is difficult to get away from COVID-19 and how scary the world is right now. I don't want to focus on any of that today. You are all following the same statistics, and watching the same heartbreaking stories that I am. Today I want to focus on online resources/apps that are helping me while we are in isolation. It is a bit of a random assortment but I hope you find them helpful and I also hope you keep the faith that things will get better. Stay safe everyone!

Insight Timer

I have been using this meditation app for many years now. There are a few things that I love about this app. The first is that it shows you how many people are meditating with you around the world. I love that connection with random strangers, and I need that connection even more now. Secondly it allows you to send a quick automated message to others once you are finished your meditation "Thanks for meditating with me". The app has a few timer options that allow you to meditate without guidance and the app will bring you back to awareness with the sound of your choosing, a bell or a singing bowl. There are so many amazing free guided meditations, including meditations for sleep, anxiety and stress. They also have paid workshops (10 days for example) on specific topics. I have a couple favourite teachers one being Sarah Blondin. I love every guided meditation this woman has done and I highly recommend her. Even if you are a total beginner there will be something on this app that will open up the world of meditation to you.

PC Express / Instacart

These two options are good for curbside pick up or home delivery of your groceries. We are trying our best to stay home and not even go to the grocery store if we can avoid it. I will say that it's about a week out or more for both of these as I'm sure many people are utilizing this service now. I'd also suggest reaching out to your local farmer's markets. We have several near us that are offering same day curb side pick up of locally grown food.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

You can find this amazing resource on YouTube. I will say that I think that it might be better suited to a child older than Mckenna. She is turning two in April, and it doesn't hold her attention for long. It keeps her attention only for a few minutes and she does attempt 1-2 of the yoga postures, so I consider that a win! It’s a good activity for a rainy day. I definitely think kids over 3 years old would really enjoy it!

Beachbody on Demand

In January I finally came to the realization that I don’t love going to the gym and I prefer home workouts (little did I know how handy this subscription would come in now). I know a lot of people do not love MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing) companies but I truly love these workouts so I joined! I am not a coach and therefore I don’t sell the subscription, but I love being a part of an online group of women that keep me accountable (including my coach). And as I mentioned I really love the workouts. I am currently working on completing 100 workouts before my birthday in June. If you are still leery of Beachbody for some reason or you don’t have the money to sign up, two free resources that I highly recommend are Fitness Blender and Yoga with Adrienne both found on YouTube. I used these prior to having access to the Beachbody workouts and I still do Yoga with Adrienne, she’s amazing!

Disney +

We haven't had cable for close to six years now and we have only ever had Netflix. When Disney Plus launched a couple months ago, we added that to our subscription list! Mckenna didn't watch any TV prior to age one, but we have slowly been introducing her to TV over the last few months and she is really loving this new subscription. From Netflix her favourite show is The Wiggles and from Disney Plus she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the movie Frozen (of course!) and Mickey Mouse shorts that are about 5-7 minutes long which is perfect for her. We do try to limit her TV time, but obviously with this quarantine and all being home all day long, more TV has crept into our lives. We all just need to relax and zone out sometimes. If you are an anti TV household, just ignore this suggestion!

At my home gym, aka my basement!

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