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A Healing Store in Paris

This is the first time on the blog that I’m highlighting a local business. I truly loved the experience of meeting and interviewing Natalie McMillian the owner of one of my favourite stores in Paris, Wabi Sabi Crystals.

Wabi Sabi Crystals located at 25 William St. in Paris, ON.

I discovered this shop about a year ago just walking downtown one day. It looks so cool from the outside, I knew I had to go in. I ended up buying another salt lamp for our guest room and checked out what else she had to offer. If you know me you know that I love anything spiritual. I am a Reiki and Yoga teacher after all! I’ve stopped in a few other times to grab books and some crystals as well.

Natalie's shop offers more than crystals!

When a group of friends on Instagram teamed up recently to do a giveaway, I suggested we purchase the giveaway from a local business versus just doing an Amazon gift card like we had in the past. I knew right away I wanted to buy the items from Wabi Sabi Crystals. I also really wanted to connect with Natalie and hear a little bit more about her, her business and how it came to be.

Natalie was in finance for over twenty five years and had an established career. This really surprised be based on the shop that she currently owns and runs! She left that industry and started selling crystals in the summer of 2016 at the newly opened Wincey Mills here in Paris. She said that she planned to only have her small “pop up shop” for the summer months, but she gained a following quickly and people begged her to keep her shop open. Only one year later she took over the current shop space in the Fall of 2017 and opened to the public in January 2018.

I asked Natalie how she became interested in crystals. She said that her mother was the one who always had crystals and when they were on road trips around Ontario they found the local crystal shops in the small towns they would visit. She assumed that everyone grew up around crystals and had an understanding of energy and energy healing.

For those of you reading this who have zero knowledge of crystals, I asked Natalie to explain to me how crystals can help people. She said that everyone and everything is made up of energy. For example, when she holds a rose quarts crystal she feels almost like a hug and calmness washes over her. Rose quarts in known for its calming properties. Her top five crystals that she feels everyone should have are listed below with a short description of their properties. If you are are new to this type of energy healing she recommends starting with what she calls the "top 5".

Top 5 Crystals

Rose Quarts - is known to purify and open the heart, it offers deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It is a powerful healing stone.

Selenite - is another healing crystal that connect with your crown/head and is a good crystal for clearing negative energy.

Amethyst - protective and healing stone that connects you to your spiritual side, cleanses your aura.

Black Tourmaline - this crystal helps to protect you from negative energy, it also helps to ground you.

Clear Quarts - considered a master healer of crystals, helping to absorb negative energy and cleanse it.

A really interesting thing that I learned during our conversation is that she makes custom kits for people. If for example you come into her shop explaining that you are having issues with sleep, she can build a crystal kit for your needs. She also makes custom bracelets as well. We discussed how children are “closer to the source” as she put it. They are better at reading energy. If you have a toddler you’ll know when they don’t like someone, they don’t hide it! Similar to animals, they just know when someone has bad energy or bad vibes. I loved how Natalie put it “closer to the source” weather you believe in God, the universe or another power, kids just know. She often finds that children in her shop will gravitate to and pick out their own crystals.

We had a great discussion about God and religion. She was raised in the church and although your first thought might be how do God and crystals go together…well they just do. I won’t get into that part of our conversation but it was eye opening and I really enjoyed hearing her take on it.

If crystals are not your thing that’s okay, her shop also offers so many great gift ideas, including a book section that I love to browse every time I’m there. Natalie is a light! We spoke for over an hour and I felt like I could talk to her forever. If you are taking a trip to Paris, I highly recommend you stop in Natalie’s shop. If nothing else to meet this amazing women who has brought such a beautiful welcoming healing space to our small town.

Some of the many books she has to offer.

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