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A Father's Love

Swimming lessons have been a part of our parenting journey since our daughter was just 8 months old. Chauncey is a fish in the water, and even before we had Mckenna he knew that he wanted to be the one in the water with our kids. I like the water, but I’m more of a heated pool or hot tub kind of person. A cold Olympic size pool or the lake isn’t really my thing. I was only too happy to have him take the lead on the swim lessons.

Mckenna enjoying the pool with her Dad while we were in Austin, Texas. (January 2019)

Thankfully Mckenna takes after her Dad and she absolutely loves the water. She took to it right away; in her first lesson to my shock she was even dunked under! The swim instructor gave the parents the option to dunk the kids that very first day, and of course Chauncey didn’t hesitate. I know if I was the one in the water with her I wouldn’t have pushed her as much as he did, and in the end it was for the best that Chauncey was and continues to be her swim buddy.

We have continued her swim lessons and just started a new session this month. We had taken a break over the summer and Mckenna and Chauncey are both happy to be back at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. I tagged along to her first lesson to help out if need be and I’m so happy I did. This activity is daddy daughter time for Mckenna and Chauncey, but it was fun to watch her lesson and even more fun to see her class happens to be all Dad’s!

Mckenna and Chauncey swimming in one of her last lessons in the spring. (April 2019)

I know how fortunate we are to be in a two parent household, and we don’t take that for granted. Single parents are truly the warriors of the world. Chauncey grew up in a single parent home with no father present. I think this has truly shaped the father he is and will continue to shape the father he grows to be. He is very present and involved with Mckenna and I truly love how swimming is their thing! She reaches for him when we are in the pool or the lake, he’s her comfort in the water and likely always will be. Their bond is stronger because of their shared love of the water.

What is the sport or activity that you share with your kids that you truly love? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or on my Instagram. I am hopeful that Mckenna will grow to love horseback riding and we can share that activity together. Only time will tell, as currently her favourite animals at the farm are not the horses but the chickens!

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